Inferno KalOnline

Official Started 28th November

Intlike Armor / Weapons

Max G100 Equip

Craftable Stuff

Craftable Weapon Skins/Costumes

TheHyperNetwork Files 2019

We're using the newest IniXSoft Files

Inferno KalOnline - Official starts 20th November at 18:00 !

About the server:
- Newest and latest Features , 4 classes , mostly intlike.

- 4 Characters
- Selfmade Battlefield /Last man standing Map
- Lawless System
- Triangular Battle
- Battlefield/PartyVsParty
- Guild vs Guild
- Capture the flag
- World Cup
- Lotto
- Max G100
- Custom crafting systems
- Easy way to get mount / battle mount
- Easy third Job
- Mid to Low Rate
- Hanins mirror
- Taegeuk
- Back Decorations
- Weapon skin
- Suits
- Craftable and upgradable Pets
- FAIR donation System
- Balanced PvP
- Summon System
- and a lot More!
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Update 24th November

- EXP stone added into Merchant for 500k
- Battlefield is now 70+
- Vod Goblins have 2 spots now, there is 1 big safe between them
- Master essences added to Normal Monsters in F7 & F9 Drops (It doesnt matter what kind of Element you kill, they drop randomly)
- Valley of Devah money decreased
- Hades Temple Requirment level reduced to 70 (Temporary)
- Hades Temple requirment Items to register reduced to 5kk to 500k (Temporary)
- 300er HP meds drops has been changed to 500er meds
- 10/10 talisman successfully changed changed from 75% to 100%
- Scroll/Potion pack price reduced from 2,5kk to 500k
- G3 Buffs added to the honor shops (expect Crit)
-> 20k Reward Points EACH grade
- Goblin amount decreased a bit
- EXP increased from 70-75
- Guild Members Maximum extended to 63 Players
- Limited Pets Description changed (Donation Store)
- Costume Description fixed
- Weapon Skin description fixed
- Battlefield savezones fixed
- Tower of Priest Floor F4-F6 is now Autolure
- Shadow of Devah (Vote Pet) is now a Monster Pet, that you can wear your Normal monster with the Vote pet aswell
- ToI King droprate increased
- Talisman of Evasion droprate fixed
- Minor Earth on begin from Foe count aswell now
- Ice/Fire/Thunder Storms cast time halfed from 2 seconds to 1 second
- Honorshop Skill costs reduced (Give me a feedback)
- Eggs from Merchant fixed, you can now buy them

Update 22th November

- Spin Slash dmg slitly increased
- G60/G65 Shields added to the droplist
- Main City location changed to Mine (for avoid the Engine crashes)
- Emok A9 EXP reduced a bit , before 4 now 3,2
- Top F9 EXP adjusted to F8, because People earned more exp in F8 then F9 on same party amount
- Level 54 Daily quest fixed
- Floor of Elements Daily quest fixed
- Pouws added to F7/F9
- Daily Level 62 Teleport Fixed
- 5er Fixing tools deleted (buged)
- Autoattack hotkey deleted from tab "S"
- Tower of Priest floor 3 Daily fixed
- Weapon Skins gives stats now G1 -> G6 increased by Grade
-> Grade 1 150 HP / 250 MP
-> Grade 2 250 HP / 350 MP
-> Grade 3 350 HP / 450 MP
-> Grade 4 450 HP / 550 MP
-> Grade 5 550 HP / 650 MP
-> Grade 6 650 HP / 750 MP
- Accessorie Drop amount increased
- General [Sae-Won] Npc deactivated
- Food Merchant fixed
- Pimp Items droprate increased
- last man standing (Battle Royal) fixed
- Battlefield fixed
- Messenger of Devah deactivated
- Boatman [Gwang-Chun] deactivated
- Floor of Elements Priest HP adjusted to the Major ones
- Tower of Priest floor 4-6 Priest dmg reduced
- Shop limited are 10x Each ip again

Update 19th November

- Starting Backgrounds Changed
- Background Music Changed
- Ornament Crafter finished
- Soldier NPC's in temp deactivated
- Accessorie Fragment Trader added
- Tower of Priest Floor 9 added
- E-mok monster amount increased alot
- Knight damage decreased against Mages a bit
- Thief damage decreased against Mages a bit
- Spin Slash dmg decreased a bit
- Semi bosses deactivated (Expect Skeleton one)
- Demon Carcass Scavenger amount doubled
- Battlefield map fixed
- Description added to Soul Destruction, that it is (Based on Wisdom)
- Ornament Crafter finished
- Ornament Crafter buff Duration added
- Buff Duration / Buff Stats / Buff Cooldown added to Ornaments description
- Provocation cooldown decreased from 60s to 50s
- Sword Dance cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Perfect Defense cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Elastic Shield cooldown increased from 60s to 180s
- Spin Slash cooldown increased from 13s to 16s
- Flame Injection cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Icicle cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Lightning Arrow cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Blessing cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Fireball cooldown increased form 60s to 120s
- Thunderbolt cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Counter Damage cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Arrow Rain cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Arrow Explosion cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Virulent Arrow cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Combative Spirit cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Shadow Slash cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Wrath of Heaven cooldown increased from 60s to 120s
- Great Armored Knight HP decreased in the (Burning Crusade Instance)
- GoblinBaby/Dunamic/Cheios as Limited Pets for 3 Days added into the Instance Shop for 125 Instance Stones
- Invalid skill times fixed on every Class
- Dunamic / Cheios / GoblinBaby Stats added (350 hp / 350 mp / 5 stats / Pick enabled / 2% Bonus Experience)
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Update 16th November

- Limited pet gives 5% bonus experience now
- Qigong added to Vote Merchant
- Dragon Spirit Scrolls added to Vote Merchant
- Perforation Shots added to Vote Merchant
- Dragon Certificate added to Vote Merchant
- Accessorie Fragments added to Vote Merchant
- Soldier with Warlords Banner [5% Bonus Experience] [Permanent] added to Vote Merchant
- G62 Burned Armor added to Demon Monsters Queen
- Hanins Mirror Upgrade/Change succes rate increased by 3x
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Update 15th November

- Masquerade Costumes added
- Fish Merchant Exp stone description changed from Shop coin to Sea coin
- Donation Shop finished
- Dungeon 4 Monster attack HP bug fixed
- G60 Amror and G62 Weapon droprate decreased a bit
- Wraith / Skeleton archer EXP slightly decreased
- Safezone fixed in Temporary Fort
- Defence & Absorb deleted from Pets
- Back Decoration / Costumes stats changed / added
- Life Absorb PvP damage reduced
- Dance of Killing PVP dmg decreased a bit
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Hotfix 14th November

- EXP increased
- Dragon Certificate is buyable now on the fish merchant
- Splashy dmg reduced
- SD damage increased a bit
- DoK dmg increased a bit
- E-Mok monster OTP increased
- E-Mok monster Level increased
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Update 12th November

Update 12th November
- Valley of Devah added
- Valley of Devah Monster EXP changed
- Valley of devah otp/hp adjusted
- Valley of Devah drops added
- Valley of Devah Teleporter added
- Valley of Devah Hondel added
- Tower of Devah Enterance added
- Valley of Devah Masters added
- Droplist of Valley Of Devah (Currently)
-> G62 Burned / G65 Weapons / G65 Armor
- TaeGeuk Mirrors G75 added to Valley of Devah
- Valley of Devah Masters have a doubled droprate of every Armor/Weapons
- Valley of Devah Master HP/Dmg/Otp/Eva/Def adjusted
- Valley of Devah Goblins/Goblin Conjurator/Knolls/Knoll Warriors HP adjusted
-> ! Valley of Devah spawns are FULLY intlike now
- Valley of Devah P4 Teleporter added 90+
- Hondel added to Teleporter 80+
- Valley of Devah Money drop increased from 500-650 to 1800-2200 each mob
- Battle Mount bonus stats changed from 5k / 10k to 500 / 1000 Health Points (You can only activate it with Jewels)
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Update 11th November

Update 11th November
- Afk check cooldown has ben changed from 30s ~ 300s to 150s ~ 300s
- Dungeon 1 Rooms stone (Which blocked the Door) has been deleted
- Dungeon 1 spawns remade to old original ones
- Traitors Ifrits added as shiny mob
- Emok - A9 mobs remade
- Emok - A9 Drops G62 burned armor added
- Emok - A9 Drops G65 Weapons added
- D4 portals opend to go to a higher floor
- Exp Event trader shows the Amount of Event items now
- Damage Event trader shows the Amount of Event items now
- 1 Instance Dungeon activated
-> Lost Camp activated
-> Burning Crusade (Not finished) coming later
- Tower of Priest Floor 5 Daily quest fixed , it counts now 100 instead of 50
- Tower of Priest Floor 6 Daily quest fixed, it coutns now 150 instead of 50
- Raid System (Hades Temple) drops reworked, the bosses drops G62 Burned or G62/G65 Weapons
- Hades Temple level Requirment set to 70+ (Picture shows 75 at the moment)
- Top F8 Lawless area EXP reduced s <"#fffff">Read more

Update 24th September

-> Splashy Ice damage has been nerfed

-> Some NPC particles has been changed
-> G30 Accessories Normal / Common / Rare / Epic added
-> Accessorie Manager Pictures added
-> 1 Day Vote pet (Shadow of Devah) added
-> New animated LogIn screen added
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