Inferno KalOnline

Official Started 20th November

Intlike Armor / Weapons

Max G100 Equip

Craftable Stuff

Craftable Weapon Skins/Costumes

TheHyperNetwork Files 2019

We're using the newest IniXSoft Files


Files required for the game

If your antivirus "swears" at the Inferno game files, considers some of them a virus or suspicious, and deletes them, then just add the folder with the game to the antivirus exceptions. Game files are not dangerous and do not pose a threat to your computer. However, some antivirus programs and firewalls may mistake the internal structure of inferno files (an anti-cheat system) for malware.
Game client
Inferno KalOnline Client Online Download (Google Drive)
Inferno KalOnline Client Online Download (Mega cloud)
Manuell Update No Manuell Update
Inferno KalOnline Manuell Update No Patch Download (Google Drive)
Inferno KalOnline Manuell Update No Patch Download (Mega cloud)
Log-In Problems
Synchronisation Error Check your PC time, if you can set it to Automaticly
My Game Freezes Rightclick your Engine.exe -> Properties -> Start As Admin AND Compability Windows 7
Engine.exe missing By installing our Inferno KalOnline Client, try to deactivate your Anti-Virus programm
My game has alot of FPS drops Hold ESC like 5-10 seconds In-Game , if this did'nt worked out , Restart your Client
Recommended system requirements
Operating system Windows XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz
RAM 2 Gb
Free hard disk space 4 Gb
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 7600 Gs
Version DirectX 9.0c